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Targeting Vision Issues

When reading problems result from conditions like 'lazy eye,' vision therapy may help.

To read the entire Argus Leader article go to:
Mimtendo News Nintendo Issues Warning for Parents regarding their new 3DS coming out in early 2011. Children 6 years old and under should only use it in 2D mode – NOT 3D. For the full story, visit:

USA Today:
Wall Street Journal:
doctorslink “The Doctors” TV show aired a special segment on double vision on December 2, 2010. The topic was how do we get double vision, how to correct it and what does it look like.

To watch the 5 minute video, go to:
AOL Link

What is a Learning Related Vision Problem?

How can vision interfere with a child’s ability to read and learn?

One of the lead stories on AOL on December 26th answered this question. The article is still available on line:


Vision Problems can be Misdiagnosed as ADHD

ABC7 has a great article about children who have difficulty focusing on their schoolwork may have an underlying vision problem. “Vision experts say 60 percent of kids labeled as problem learners actually suffer from undetected vision problems.” For the entire article go to:

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