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Welcome to Visions Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center. We believe that your eyesight is a precious gift and we are dedicated to providing you the best technology and care possible to help you maintain and improve your vision.

Many of us take for granted our ability to see the world around us. We use it every moment, at home, at work, in school. At Visions Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center, we believe you deserve the best eyesight possible to fully enjoy your life.

We are committed to excellence, both in our technology to bring you the best vision care as well as customer service. We are guided by the highest of ethical standards of our profession, and our expert doctors and staff all share the same goal of healthy, clear vision for life!

Our services range from comprehensive routine eye examinations, providing an excellent range of eyeglass frames and contact lenses, co-management of surgery, treatment of ocular diseases, and vision therapy. We see people of all ages, from infants to adults.

If you have a vision problem that is interfering with reading and learning or sports performance, you need to visit our Vision Therapy Center. There are some visual problems that can not be resolved with glasses, contact lenses or surgery. Conditions such as eye turns (strabismus), lazy eye (amblyopia), difficulties with depth perception, problems viewing 3D, eye teaming, double vision and more can very often be resolved with Vision Therapy.

We also provide visual rehabilitation for patients who have had vision problems as a result of a head injury, as well as patients with special needs, such as developmental delays.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional staff and comfortable atmosphere at Visions Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center. The excellent results you receive will make you glad you came to us. Your best vision possible is our goal for you.

Services Offered at Visions

At Visions Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center, we provide comprehensive vision examinations using state-of-the-art equipment. As a result, many vision problems can be detected, often even before there are any symptoms. For certain eye diseases, this can be crucial toward successfully maintaining your precious gift of sight.

We provide excellent routine vision care, from pinpointing your exact prescription for crisp, clear vision, including multifocal prescriptions, to offering a wide array of fashion eyewear. If you prefer perfect vision without wearing glasses, we can also fit you with the most comfortable contact lenses available on the market, including bifocal, multifocal, disposable (monthly and daily), and astigmatism lenses.

Visions Eye Care & Vision Therapy Center is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 615 reviews from around the Web.
  • 01/29/2018
    I was very impressed with how friendly everyone was but more importantly, I was so very impressed with the technology and the knowledge of the staff including of course the doctors. I had a few worries about my eye health and the doctor showed exactly why I have nothing to worry about. It couldn't have been a better visit. Thank you!
    Looking for an eye specialist? I’m so confident that you will have the best experience in eye care that I have had. Check it out for yourself
    Dr. Hope and staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.
    The exam was thorough and we were given validation for the issues we've been seeing. Can't wait for our next appt!
  • 11/26/2017
    My care and experience is always excellent. I would and have recommended Visions Eye Care you others
    I was pleased to be able to take advantage of the new diagnostic equipment and the tracking of glaucoma and maculor degeneration.
    Everyone was kind, helpful and they explained everything to me. The Optician worked until she found the best glasses for me.
    Dr. Ackerman listened to my complaints, and did the eye testing which confirmed the right eye was off for acuity.
  • 10/31/2017
    Dr. Ackerman is highly professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. The office experience is warm and friendly. We highly recommend.
    She was very informative and helpful.
    Dr. Angela Gulbranson is very thorough and concerned about the best option for your vision and eye care.
    My time there was very pleasant. Everyone made me feel very comfortable. Also did not have to wait. I hate waiting.
  • 10/16/2017
    It is always a pleasure to go! The staff is friendly and helpful. They are wonderful with kids. Alexis loves going for her appointments!
    Dr. Gulbranson is very thorough and listens attentively. She provides excellent advice about my eye care. She is the best.
    Wonderful they could get me in on the day I called...I have a floater now and was so glad to have gotten in and was thoroughly checked out to make sure that was exactly what it is.Not excited about having a floater but...so glad that Visions Eye Care assisted me right away...as always!Sincerely,Pam Strohm

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